15 Benefits of Buying Handmade Gifts

Buying handmade gifts comes with a long list of advantages! And although we will not attempt to list all of them, below are the top 15 benefits of buying handcrafted and handmade gifts from Sunday & Lola:


1. Originality 

Handmade Evie Cane-style Rattan Clutch

All of our items are handmade through small-batch production. In doing so, we guarantee that everything you purchase is authentic and special. 

Unlike buying mass-produced items accessible to millions of people worldwide, handmade gifts are synonymous with originality. 

A great example is our Handmade Evie Cane-style Rattan Clutch. Given the elaborate technique and skills required to make them, only a few pieces end-up for sale.


2. Uniqueness

Hand Carved Teak Tong Set

Another great advantage of buying handcrafted goods is that no two pieces are the same. Handmade items always have subtle differences that render them unique, even when made by the same person.

Take our Hand Carved Teak Tong Set as an example. Each piece of this tong set is hand-carved by a skilled artisan from natural teak wood. But, due to this product's raw material and nature, there are no two equal sets. 


3. High-Quality 


Pom-Pom Throws


Handmade items are high-quality, especially when carefully curated, like all the pieces we offer on our site. 

Each of our handmade goods is subject to the highest quality standards and undergoes genuine craftsmanship. As a result, our products are more likely to stand the test of time and offer real value. 

For instance, our Pom-Pom Throws are handmade in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco out of 100% fade-resistant soft cotton. 


4. Eco-friendly & Sustainable

What separates mass-produced and handmade gifts is that handcrafted items are sustainable. And this is another excellent benefit of buying handmade goods!

Handcrafted products are made in small studios or homes that have virtually no effect on the environment. As a result, handmade products are more environmentally friendly.

Plus, in many cases, due to its small-batch production, handcrafted items are also zero-waste.  


5. Artisan Support


Artisan Support


When you buy handmade gifts, you are supporting artisans and crafters from all over the world. In doing so, you promote local economies and encourage small communities to continue working, setting an excellent example for young generations. This Handmade Banana Bark Minimalist Woven Bowl is made by women artisans in an ethical, Fair Trade environment.


6. Ethically Conscious 


Boro Merino Throw


At Sunday & Lola, every handmade gift you buy has been ethically-sourced and honors fair-trade and social responsibility values. 

For instance, our beautiful Boro Merino Throw ethically handwoven by artisans in Nepal through small-batch productions. 


7. Love for tradition


jute storage baskets


Unlike in mass production where one-size-fits-all, when you buy handmade, you are honoring cultures and traditions. 

For instance, our stunning jute storage baskets are handwoven by second-and third-generation artisans in Bangladesh. 


8. Fair Trade

Handmade goods also offer the opportunity to be more socially responsible. When shopping for handcrafted products, you can buy fair trade. 

In doing so, you are making sure that all artisans are paid well-above fair wages.


9. Natural/Organic Ingredients 


home fragrances, bath and body products, accessories, and more


Another fantastic benefit of handmade gifts is that they are usually made out of natural or organic ingredients that have been locally sourced. 

At Sunday & Lola, we have a long list of items made will all-natural ingredients! These include delicious home fragrancesbath and body products, and more. 


10. Woman-Owned Businesses Support 

Not all handmade gifts will offer this benefit. Still, you can rest assured that all the pieces presented at Sunday & Lola are made exclusively by small, women-owned brands with high-quality standards.


11. Promotion of local economy


Promotion of local economy


Promoting the local economy is another tremendous advantage of buying handmade goods. 

When you buy handmade, you are purchasing from small businesses instead of purchasing mass-produced items from giant off-shore corporations with dubious employee and trade practices. 


12. Storytelling 

Each handcrafted gift has a story to tell. It reflects the hours, days, or weeks of hard work that goes into making that one item and the years of experience and learning of a specific trait. 

Plus, there is also the story of the artisan behind the piece. The person or artist that made your present possible — making the item much more memorable. 

Discover our Weesie Cane Bag, for instance. It is 100% handmade in Bali by skilled artisans who have been practicing their weaving trade for generations.


13. Celebrates people

We have mentioned it before, and we will repeat it, handmade goods celebrate people! They glorify creativity, craftsmanship, and originality — three attributes that render your presents an inherent advantage. 


14. No-hidden fees 


No-hidden fees


Buying homemade items comes with another significant advantage: it maintains small communities of crafters working and earning money. And the price you pay for it is precisely what you see, with no hidden costs or fees.


15. High Value-added 

Lastly, one of the most significant motivators and benefits to buying handmade gifts is that it comes with a high incalculable value. When you buy a handmade good, it shows you care. It means you are thoughtful, committed to people and the planet, value creativity and authenticity, and encourage healthy and socially responsible practices. 


Each purchase at Sunday & Lola comes with a promise: that it's good for you, the makers, and the planet. Check out our online store and find the perfect handmade gifts to give your loved ones.

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