Why buy handmade products?

The handmade industry is booming! Handmade goods (also referred to as handcrafted or homemade items) have seized the attention of millions of people worldwide — becoming a phenomenon on its own known as the "handmade effect." 

So, what makes handcrafted products so special? Why buy handmade goods? 


 Why buy handmade goods


We can't name just one reason why someone will be more inclined to buy handcrafted items. Nonetheless, these products usually convey a sense of uniqueness, higher quality, and creativity. 

But it doesn't stop there! There are many other added advantages to buying handmade goods. At Sunday and Lola, we believe that handmade items are synonym of:


Authenticity & Uniqueness

One of the most prevalent reasons to buy handcrafted is that no two handmade products are the same. Unlike mass-produces items, you often find exceptional differences in each handmade goodHandmade pieces vary in shading, color, shape, and texture — rendering the item unique. 


Authenticity & Uniqueness


As a result, no one in the world will have exactly the same item. It is that uniqueness that makes buying handmade items so much more special than machine-made products. 

Additionally, given the nature of these goods, there are fewer of them. Hence, whatever you buy will be more authentic.



For the vast majority of people, handmade also means well-made. Why? Simple. Each handmade product undergoes genuine craftsmanship and stringent quality checks. 

In other words, given the level of precision and care that goes into creating each handmade item, these products are more likely to stand the test of time and offer true value. 




Whether the product is sewn, painted, knitted, or molded, there is a real person behind each piece. Consequently, the creator is empowered to form a feeling of pride that translates to higher quality and more attention to detail. 


• Sustainability

The main difference between machine-made and handmade products is that handcrafted items are sustainable. 

Large corporations own giant factories with high carbon emissions that pollute the environment. Plus, to ensure lower costs, companies selling mass-produced pieces usually buy raw materials in bulk (even if this means that most of it will go to waste.)




On the contrary, handcrafted products are usually made in small studios or homes that have virtually no effect on the environment. More so, because fewer products are being made at a time, there is a zero-to-less waste when it comes to raw materials. 

Lastly, handmade goods often involve local producers, green suppliers, and ethical sourcing, making them eco-friendly and more sustainable. 


Social responsibility

When you buy handmade products, you support artists and crafters, local communities, and your local economy. 

As we mentioned before, behind every hand-produced piece, there is a real person. Hence, when you purchase a handcrafted product, you help a person, a family, or even an entire village. 


Social responsibility


Buying homemade items also maintains individuals or groups working and earning money. The money received pays tax, supporting local economies. Moreover, the price you pay for it is exactly what you see, with no hidden costs or fees. 


• Tradition 

Each handcrafted piece has a story to tell. It reflects the hours, days, or weeks of hard work that goes into making each piece and the years of experience and learning of a specific trait. It also showcases the artisan's talents and creativity. 

When you buy handcrafted products, every design, color, texture, material, and size has a reason for being; nothing is left to chance. 




Unlike in mass production where one-size-fits-all, craftsmanship honors unique cultures, creativity, skill, effort, and time. 


Love & Care

Last but not least, handmade equals love. It is also a symbol of responsibility. 

When you buy a handmade good, it shows you care. It means you:

- Support local economies

 - Honor hard work

- Care for the environment

- Value high-quality 

- Choose creativity over banality

- And much more


With every purchase of a handcrafted item, you are buying products that will not only benefit you. You are buying products that will positively impact the world that surrounds us, making you a more educated and conscious consumer. 


Love & Care


But do you want to know the best part of all the reasons mentioned above? There are all great reasons why buying handmade products is better than buying mass-produced items. Plus, no one reason is more right (or wrong) than another. 

Hence, we stand by what we said at the beginning of this piece. There is no one definitive reason why we should buy handmade goods. There are plenty of reasons and motivators! 

Hence, next time you are buying a gift or thinking of purchasing something for yourself or your home, consider buying a handcrafted item. Homemade goods are more durable, more authentic/original, have higher quality, support real people, are more sustainable, embrace traditions, and show you care.


But, most importantly, they will make you feel even better about yourself!

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