Ethically Handmade Eco-friendly Kenyan Storage Basket
Ethically Handmade Eco-friendly Kenyan Storage Baskets

Adobe Handmade Kenyan Storage Basket - Extra Small

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Ethically Handmade Kenyan Storage Basket 

This sisal, woven basket from Amsha is handmade by a weaving cooperative in southeastern Kenya. The women hand-dye the sisal fibers and weave them into these beautiful works of art. These African baskets are great as plant holders, catchalls, toy baskets, storage baskets, or to liven up a space!

Color: Adobe (Plum Rose)

Dimensions: 4" x 3"

About Amsha

Working directly with artisans across Africa, Amsha is focused on driving social change in underserved communities by bringing quality, ethically made goods to the global marketplace. They partner with talented women across Africa to highlight their skills and creativity and connect them with resources and opportunities to achieve economic independence. Items created by Amsha's artisans are handmade, small-batch, and eco-friendly