Handmade Peach Hooped Raffia Catch All
Handmade Peach Hooped Raffia Catch All

Handmade Peach Hooped Raffia Catch All

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Ethically Handmade Raffia Catch-all from Rwanda

These tiny hooped catch alls are ideal for adding a pop of color and flair to any home!

Use on a bookshelf, desk, or as a stylish centerpiece on a tabletop. These handwoven planters can even elevate bathroom storage accessories to store brushes or toilet paper. Want a new perspective? Nestle the sisal planter in a hanging macrame piece, and display your favorite hanging plant in elegant woven decor to create a jungalow escape at home. When walking into a room decorated with these planters you will find peace and serenity in the soft textiles, while the colors and patterns will have you dreaming of exotic places to visit.

Made of the highest quality natural raffia fibers in an ethical, fair trade environment. Raffia is wound stitch by stitch around a small sweet grass bundle. Handwoven by women in remote regions of Rwanda.


Materials: Raffia, sweetgrass
Color: Peach
Dimensions: 5"D x 3"H

Why we love items from Kazi

KAZI creates sustainable jobs within African communities by showcasing the incredible talents of artisans all across Africa. Ethically crafted and locally sourced, artisans use natural fibers and organic dyes to sustainably make products. Your purchase works towards alleviating poverty and unemployment in East Africa while supporting artisans in their pursuit of greater things.